Cableknit Socks Video

  • I thought I was finally catching up with the update schedule for The Crossdresser .com (my favorite site if you haven’t noticed), and then Katie posted another video right in the middle of the week! Well, as my favorite little tgirl says, I guess I shouldn’t complain I know, it’s a strange day for an [...]

  • Crossdressing Schoolgirl

  • I always like a cute crossdresser, but there’s something special about a crossdresser in a schoolgirl uniform Looks like this is one of Katie’s favorite outfits at The Crossdresser .com. Lucky me I didn’t have time to get the video from last week’s set processed, but don’t worry I didn’t forget about it! In the [...]

  • Pics of Katie-Ann in Shorts and Tights

  • Here’s another photo update from The Crossdresser .com: I am pretty much a skirts and dresses kind of girl, but I found these corduroy shorts and just couldn’t pass them up – they really look cute with my cable-knit tights underneath. Don’t worry though, I barely had my coat off when I started wriggling out [...]