Pics of Katie-Ann in Shorts and Tights

  • Here’s another photo update from The Crossdresser .com: I am pretty much a skirts and dresses kind of girl, but I found these corduroy shorts and just couldn’t pass them up – they really look cute with my cable-knit tights underneath. Don’t worry though, I barely had my coat off when I started wriggling out [...]

  • Lace Gown Crossdressing Video

  • Another video from Katie at The Crossdresser .com – this one goes along with the photos in the previous post: Video is up from last week’s set. In case you didn’t believe me about how much fun my rabbit vibrator was, just watch the video. When I switched this little guy on, a wave of [...]

  • Lace Gown Crossdressing Pics

  • New set from The Crossdresser .com! Here’s Katie’s description: I was feeling fancy during this set. Silky nylon stockings, a gown made of lace, a bed of pillows, a tapestry on the wall, an elaborate candellabra, and a new toy in my tight little ass! I always thought those dildos with the vibrating clit stimulators [...]