Girl Pays for TGirl Prostitute

  • Katie's Cock Penetrating JadeWow, what a photo set! Looks like Katie got back together with her old girlfriend or something – Jade hasn’t been on the site in awhile, but here she is paying for crossdresser sex! She really has a nice pussy, and Katie’s tgirl cock fills it up quite nicely :) They even compare the size of their clitties in this set, though I’m sure you can guess who wins when she whips her big 8 inch cock out of her panties. Katie tops off this tgirl set with classy cuban heel thigh highs, and ends it with a nice handjob from Jade resulting in a giant cum splatter on Katie’s black shirt (and some nice drops on Jade’s fingers ;) ). Here’s what Katie has to say about this set: Jade is back in this set! Turns out she missed getting fucked on camera so much that she was willing to pay me for another opportunity :) If you’ve browsed through my archives, you will recognize this as a re-make of a classic set where Jade and I played fellow prostitutes. I think the new version turned out better though, plus it ends in an impressive cumshot!

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