Two Crossdressers Fucked by a Girl

  • crossdressers strapon fuckedZoe is a slut that just doesn’t stop! She’s always got new photos of her playing with her latest fuck buddy, and in this case it’s two new fuck buddies. I have to say, I really have a thing for crossdressers with genetic girls, so two crossdressers with a GG is even better! Zoe and her friends do a great job of daisy chaining too – these new photos really look great. Both crossdressers are dressed to the nines including black thigh high stockings, while their girlfriend is naked except for her mesh panties and strapon. Yum, how hot is that? That poor crossdresser in red though, she really takes it in the ass from the strapon. You have to watch out for those girls who look that confident wearing a strap-on harness ;) Oh well, looks like the crossdressing couple had fun anyway! ;)

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