Crossdresser at her First School Dance

  • crossdresser at school dance
    Remember how nervous you were at your first school dance? Well imagine what poor crossdresser Katie is going through! Watch her being shy standing in front of the camera in her short shimmery dress, sparkling pantyhose, and dress heels. Katie really hopes no one can tell that the soft caress of her nylons on her long crossdresser legs has gotten her all excited. Luckily her tight pantyhose and flowing dress are hiding her panty bulge at the moment . . . but it’s not long before the school photographer starts to get suspicious!

    If you thought Katie was nervous having her picture taken, you should see her reaction when the photographer pulls out a fat black dildo to show her! Katie tries to explain that she doesn’t have anywhere to fit such a big hard toy, but the photographer knows what Katie is hiding under her panties and has a dirty idea. He makes Katie the crossdresser stuff that toy in her tight virgin ass! With that toy filling her up and rubbing her p-spot, Katie just can’t handle it anymore and frees her own big hard toy from her now wet panties.

    Want to see what happens to Katie after the photographer pulls her pantyhose back up with the toy still inside her and sends her off to the dance? Find out, only at The Crossdresser .com!

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    1. Hey Katie, looking good! Hope everything is going well for you, have not seen you on the forums for a while. Take care!

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