Crossdresser Ass in Pantyhose

  • crossdresser booty in french lace pantyhose This is one of the few days you will catch me posting about a tranny – Delia CD has transformed into Delia TS. But no matter her gender, her sheer black pantyhose with french lace are damn sexy on Delia’s little ass :) For the most part I’m just into crossdressers, but I’ve followed Delia for awhile now, so I don’t mind supporting her as she goes through her transformation. She doesn’t seem as crazy as some other trannies I’ve me or something ;) So why not take a look at her website at :)

    Delia is a sweet tgirl with a stunning model’s body. She’s always working out, and it shows. I mean, just look at those legs and ass in her pantyhose! Of course, as a crossdresser (or at least formerly known as a crossdresser) Delia has more to offer than just her legs and ass. She is also has an impressive looking cock . . . her fat crossdresser dick looks great bulging against her tight pantyhose. See for yourself in her free nylon gallery!

    There are two other features of this gallery that I really just have to mention. First are Delia’s sexy fur slippers. Yup, looks like Delia slept in her black pantyhose and is just getting up. She managed to slip on her pink silk robe and fuzzy kitten heel slippers before we opened the door, but don’t worry, she takes it all back off. Except for the pantyhose that is . . .

    You won’t want to miss the very end of this set where Delia leaves a sticky wad of cum in her black pantyhose. I guess she got so excited stripping out of her silk robe for us that she just couldn’t contain herself. Cum on black stockings looks so nice, don’t you think?

  • 3 Responses to “Crossdresser Ass in Pantyhose”

    1. Delia has turned me on for quite awhile now. I would luv to stroke that cock thru her hose and swallow that big load she has.

    2. There is something wrong with society thses days that allow transgendered people to be ok with it. Trans people should be treated. There is something wrong with them. This society is way too permissive. Men should be men and women should be women and if there is a problem with that then they need to get it fixed!

    3. Lori, I’m sorry you are so closed minded . . . maybe you should take a look at for some intelligent information on crossdressing, including information on why crossdressing is not a disease, the societal irregularities of dress codes, and the biological basis for transgenderism.

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