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  • crossdressing schoolgirlYou know, it’s really difficult to find good crossdresser on girl porn. There’s not a lot out there, and what you do find is usually some older husband and wife or a desperate younger crossdresser with a girl that could be her mother. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, but wouldn’t it be nice to see an 18-year old crossdresser getting it on with a gorgeous college girl going through an experimental phase? Maybe it’s hard to find college girls that want to experiment with both porn and crossdressing boyfriends. Or maybe it’s hard to find young crossdressers that aren’t afraid to show their true selves in front of an attractive young girl.
    Lucky for us, Katie-Ann at TheCrossdresser.com is not afraid to get dressed in front of her hot young girlfriends. And Allie is by far the most attractive girl I’ve ever seen getting down and dirty with a crossdresser :) It doesn’t hurt that both girls are dressed in schoolgirl uniforms complete with knee-high socks and pigtails in this college dorm room photoshoot. And apparently crossdressers aren’t the only fetish that Allie is in to.
    Watch as Katie fills Allie’s pussy with cherries and then sucks them out. And then Katie disciplines her girlfriend with a ruler, leaving bright red stripes across her teen ass. Speaking of her ass, Allie also takes a fat pink butt plug inside as Katie fills her pussy with her swollen crossdresser cock. I’ll tell you a little secret too – while you won’t find these photos in the free gallery, Katie ends this set by drenching Allie’s little pussy in thick white crossdresser cum . . . and then licks her sticky pussy clean ;) You can find the full set of 250 high resolution photos as well as HD video of the hardcore crossdressing action in Katie’s members area.

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