UK Crossdresser in Diamond Tights

  • crossdresser in diamond tightsIt’s been a little while since I’ve featured anything from crossdresser Luci May, but she’s always been one of my go-to-tgirls. Whenever I’m looking for a reliable source of kinky but honest amateur crossdressing porn, I always end up back at Lucy’s site. And on top of her great content, hot looks, and regularly updated free galleries, Lucy’s a real sweetheart too. She’s one of the few models that I email back and forth with, and she’s just a great down-to-earth gurl, really smart . . . and of course she comes with a little something extra in her panties. Or pantyhose in this case ;)
    Speaking of pantyhose, they are one of Lucy’s favorite fetishes (just like mine!), and she takes all sorts of amazingly kinky pantyhose photos in addition to the more tame stuff like in this set. Full-body pantyhose, zentai, pantyhose bondage, anything you can name with the word pantyhose in it, Lucy does it. Why not feature one of these more exotic sets on my blog? Well in addition to getting kinky with her pantyhose, Lucy also just looks damn good wearing them. I couldn’t pass up this amazing photo of a crossdresser with such gorgeous smooth legs and sculpted calves filling out these diamond pattern tights and pointing her dainty toes at the camera (and now you know how I really feel about it)
    I love the thick matte tights and fuzzy sweater look, and Lucy here pulls it off astonishingly well. The patterned nylon drawing your eyes up her long legs to rest on the tiniest hint of a bulge hidden under the tight fabric of her hose. But don’t worry, Lucy’s bulge isn’t small by any means. Just wait until she starts touching herself and pulls her fully erect clitty out of her tights. It’s one of my favorite parts about crossdressers – no hormones to mess up their cocks. There’s nothing like a beautiful girl with a big solid fully functional cock sticking out of her pantyhose or peaking out from under her skirt. Yum :D
    I think I got a little carried away there thinking about Lucy in her patterned tights . . . I hope you enjoy these pantyhose photos from Lucy as much as I did, and don’t forget to join her site to see all of Lucy’s other nylon crossdressing fetishes ;)

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