Naughty Nurses – One’s a Crossdresser!

  • crossdressing nurses assSure, everyone’s seen porn stars doing a naughty nurses scene, but have you ever seen a crossdressing nurse give a girl a vaginal exam?! I didn’t think so ;)

    Katie Ann of found a plump redheaded nurse, Jenny, who was willing to show Katie what a real vagina looks like. Of course crossdresser Katie didn’t want to miss anything, so she got out the speculum and performed a very thorough examination of Jenny’s privates! Jenny didn’t realize that a complete vaginal examination requires a taste test, but she sure didn’t object after Katie started. Not satisfied that the speculum had gotten deep enough, Katie pulls down her panties to show Jenny her very own vaginal probe. Katie uses her crossdresser cock to explore every last inch of Jenny’s pussy until both nurses are spent :)

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  • Crossdressing Schoolgirl Eats Cum

  • crossdressing schoolgirl Delia is a naughty schoolgirl – her pleated skirt is far too short for dress code! She is at least wearing her regulation thigh high white socks, white oxford shirt, and black mary janes . . . but she’s been teasing all the boys with peaks at her yellow panties under that very short plaid ;)

    What the boys don’t realize though is that Delia has a little secret tucked in her panties – Delia is a crossdressing schoolgirl, and has some special parts that her classmates don’t. Some lucky schoolboy is going to be in for quite a shock! :eek: Delia is too horny to wait for a little schoolboy friend though, her crossdresser clitty is about to burst out of her tight panties.

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  • Sock Loving Crossdresser

  • crossdresser sucking her toesKatie Ann is back, and she’s more flexible than ever! I always figured Katie had a foot fetish with all the socks and pantyhose she wears, but this foot gallery really takes the cake! Crossdresser Katie is dressed up in her uniform getting ready for school when she gets distracted by her clitty sticking out of the big hole in the crotch of her taupe pantyhose. She’s rock hard before she can even get her cute pink butt plug up her ass. By the time Katie has worked her spade shaped toy in, it’s far too late – Katie’s cock it holding her plaid skirt straight up in the air. Desperate to do something, she tries tucking her crossdresser cock into her pantyhose, and even tries to cover it up with her striped lace anklets, but no luck. Hey cock is just too big to hide. Looks like Katie will just have to milk it dry so that it will fit back in her panties.

    Katie loves the feel of her soft cotton socks against her cock, so it’s no surprise when she loses control and fills her little sock with a big load of crossdresser cum. Those cute little socks are part of her school uniform though! So Katie is forced to suck her own cum out of her sock, put it back on over her pantyhose, and wear it to school :)

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  • Bound Crossdresser Sex Doll

  • bondage crossdresser Crossdresser Luci May has been transformed into a sex doll :eek: She’s been forced into a full body feminization stocking that even covers her face. Poor Luci can’t even see what’s happening to her as she’s dressed up in a little sissy dress and mary janes to match her sparkly new femme skin tights. But that’s not all, Luci is a bad little crossdresser and needs to be tied up as punishment. An older crossdresser gets out the rope and ties Luci to a wooden chair with her legs spread open like the slutty sissy whore she is. The other crossdresser is pretty proud of her work – Luci can’t move at all. She leaves Luci all alone to wait for her new master to come home and find her ready and helplessly transformed into a crossdressing sex doll. You’d better check out Luci before master gets home!

  • Hot Tranny Strippers

  • cock sucking strippersOk, I guess hot tranny stripper with a hot crossdresser stripper would be more accurate. Or maybe they’re both crossdressers, but the blond sure looks like she’s had some surgery. Anyway, the important point is that they are hot! The petite little blond tgirl is wearing some awesome fishnet thigh highs and has a tiny little cock. There’s something cute about a tranny with a little dick, like it’s just an overgrown clit . . . especially when it’s contrasted with the well hung Zoe stuffing her crossdresser cock in the blond stripper’s mouth and ass :evil: Speaking of Zoe, she’s looking good in this set as well, dolled up as a crossdressing stripper in black thigh highs. The set is great too, a dark stripper stage complete with a silver dancing pole. Can you imagine these two going at it on stage?

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  • Sissy Maid Sucks Cock

  • cock maidHere’s a new one for you. Meet Karen, a transvestite slut who loves to turn her boyfriends into worthless little sissy slaves. Mistress Karen is standing over her new crossdressing french maid in this gallery, instructing her on how to suck cock. And conveniently, Karen has a nice hard cock for her new slut to practice on! TV Karen is clearly in charge here with her thigh high leather boots and black stockings while her new pet is forced to kneel on the ground decked out in petticoats and cute little black pumps.

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  • Two Crossdressers Fucked by a Girl

  • crossdressers strapon fuckedZoe is a slut that just doesn’t stop! She’s always got new photos of her playing with her latest fuck buddy, and in this case it’s two new fuck buddies. I have to say, I really have a thing for crossdressers with genetic girls, so two crossdressers with a GG is even better! Zoe and her friends do a great job of daisy chaining too – these new photos really look great. Both crossdressers are dressed to the nines including black thigh high stockings, while their girlfriend is naked except for her mesh panties and strapon. Yum, how hot is that? That poor crossdresser in red though, she really takes it in the ass from the strapon. You have to watch out for those girls who look that confident wearing a strap-on harness ;) Oh well, looks like the crossdressing couple had fun anyway! ;)

  • Crossdresser Playing at the Beach

  • crossdresser ass in the sand Look what we have here, a new tgirl :) This is DeliaCD, an amateur crossdresser from Washington who loves making homemade porn. It’s not every day you find amateur crossdresser content in an outdoor setting, so be sure to check out Delia at the beach stripping down in the sand ;) Actually, she’s pretty hot before she strips down too in those super tight white pants she’s wearing. Tight enough in fact that you can even see the outline of her hard tgirl bulge pressed against the thin material.

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  • Zoe Gets Her Cock Sucked

  • slut sucking crossdresser cockI love crossdresser Zoe’s name – Zoe Fuck Puppet – because it describes her personality perfectly. This gurl has to be the biggest slut I’ve ever seen! She has hardcore tranny sex in almost every one of her sets, and in her solo sets she still has a collection of huge toys that she fucks like there’s no tomorrow.

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  • Schoolgirl Luci May Crossdressing

  • crossdresser's cotton pantiesWell just look who we have here, it’s Luci May all dressed up in her school uniform! Doesn’t she look so innocent laying on her bed in her red pleated skirt, knee high socks, and black mary janes? Innocent except for that distinctive bulge under her white panties at least! Check out Luci’s new gallery to find out just what’s causing that big bulge in her panties – yep, Luci is a hot crossdresser from the UK :) She loves dressing up in her smart white oxford shirt and sweater to be taught a lesson. I’d love to teach Luci a thing or two, how about you? :evil: