Hannah Sweden in Latex

  • hannah in latexYes, I promise she has a cock! You should know by now that I don’t feature shemales very often, and hopefully you’re here because like me you appreciate the clothing and trappings of femininity that shemales cast aside so quickly in order to show off their plastic bodies. I maintain this blog to celebrate crossdressing and the feminine fantasies that accompany it. I do, however, really like Hannah Sweden. She looks a little less plastic than the other trannies out there (albeit she has some rather large silicone boobs, but at least she got a good plastic surgeon!). And she wears some awesome outfits that I’m personally a little jealous of.
    In these photos Hannah is dolled up in an exquisitely tight latex halter top, fishnet thigh highs, and some mid-calf “I mean business” boots. I’m pretty sure most gg’s couldn’t pull off the look as well as Hannah does – if you didn’t peak at her other photos, you’d never know she has a cock. Hannah’s free galleries are a little sparse, but of course the whole point is to get you to join the site, right? So you can’t fault her too much for saving her best content for her members I guess.
    Hannah Sweden is worth a look even if trannies aren’t your thing. And if you do love shemales, I have a feeling you might be signing up after meeting this this hot girl.

  • Cock in Lace Tights

  • cock in lace tights
    Naughty crossdresser Katie’s got her cock all tied up in her leggings, and I think she got it stuck! Katie’s always playing with her pantyhose, sticking her cock in them or giving herself a nylon footjob. I guess it was just a matter of time until she stuck it in so deep that she couldn’t get it back out :)
    You know, the white lace of Katie’s leggings looks pretty tight, especially since she stroked deep enough to fit her balls inside too. I bet her always hard cock just swelled up right inside the leg of her tights while she was playing with herself. I guess the only way she’ll be able to get out is to rub one off and wait until she calms down :lol:
    Lucky for Katie, she has no problems jerking off for the camera. This time she shoots her thick ropes of crossdresser cum across her cute blue ankle socks. In her members-only photos, Katie has some amazing close-ups of her socks dripping with fresh cum, but I think you’ll at least get the idea from this photo. Katie’s free gallery has some great samples, but to see all 122 super-high resolution photos in this set (and yes, they’re worth it!), you’ll have to join TheCrossdresser.com

  • UK Crossdresser in Diamond Tights

  • crossdresser in diamond tightsIt’s been a little while since I’ve featured anything from crossdresser Luci May, but she’s always been one of my go-to-tgirls. Whenever I’m looking for a reliable source of kinky but honest amateur crossdressing porn, I always end up back at Lucy’s site. And on top of her great content, hot looks, and regularly updated free galleries, Lucy’s a real sweetheart too. She’s one of the few models that I email back and forth with, and she’s just a great down-to-earth gurl, really smart . . . and of course she comes with a little something extra in her panties. Or pantyhose in this case ;)
    Speaking of pantyhose, they are one of Lucy’s favorite fetishes (just like mine!), and she takes all sorts of amazingly kinky pantyhose photos in addition to the more tame stuff like in this set. Full-body pantyhose, zentai, pantyhose bondage, anything you can name with the word pantyhose in it, Lucy does it. Why not feature one of these more exotic sets on my blog? Well in addition to getting kinky with her pantyhose, Lucy also just looks damn good wearing them. I couldn’t pass up this amazing photo of a crossdresser with such gorgeous smooth legs and sculpted calves filling out these diamond pattern tights and pointing her dainty toes at the camera (and now you know how I really feel about it)
    I love the thick matte tights and fuzzy sweater look, and Lucy here pulls it off astonishingly well. The patterned nylon drawing your eyes up her long legs to rest on the tiniest hint of a bulge hidden under the tight fabric of her hose. But don’t worry, Lucy’s bulge isn’t small by any means. Just wait until she starts touching herself and pulls her fully erect clitty out of her tights. It’s one of my favorite parts about crossdressers – no hormones to mess up their cocks. There’s nothing like a beautiful girl with a big solid fully functional cock sticking out of her pantyhose or peaking out from under her skirt. Yum :D
    I think I got a little carried away there thinking about Lucy in her patterned tights . . . I hope you enjoy these pantyhose photos from Lucy as much as I did, and don’t forget to join her site to see all of Lucy’s other nylon crossdressing fetishes ;)

  • Hardcore Schoolgirl Crossdresser

  • crossdressing schoolgirlYou know, it’s really difficult to find good crossdresser on girl porn. There’s not a lot out there, and what you do find is usually some older husband and wife or a desperate younger crossdresser with a girl that could be her mother. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, but wouldn’t it be nice to see an 18-year old crossdresser getting it on with a gorgeous college girl going through an experimental phase? Maybe it’s hard to find college girls that want to experiment with both porn and crossdressing boyfriends. Or maybe it’s hard to find young crossdressers that aren’t afraid to show their true selves in front of an attractive young girl.
    Lucky for us, Katie-Ann at TheCrossdresser.com is not afraid to get dressed in front of her hot young girlfriends. And Allie is by far the most attractive girl I’ve ever seen getting down and dirty with a crossdresser :) It doesn’t hurt that both girls are dressed in schoolgirl uniforms complete with knee-high socks and pigtails in this college dorm room photoshoot. And apparently crossdressers aren’t the only fetish that Allie is in to.
    Watch as Katie fills Allie’s pussy with cherries and then sucks them out. And then Katie disciplines her girlfriend with a ruler, leaving bright red stripes across her teen ass. Speaking of her ass, Allie also takes a fat pink butt plug inside as Katie fills her pussy with her swollen crossdresser cock. I’ll tell you a little secret too – while you won’t find these photos in the free gallery, Katie ends this set by drenching Allie’s little pussy in thick white crossdresser cum . . . and then licks her sticky pussy clean ;) You can find the full set of 250 high resolution photos as well as HD video of the hardcore crossdressing action in Katie’s members area.

  • Strapon Crossdresser

  • crossdresser with straponHere’s my newest crossdresser crush, Kirsty, from Kirsty’s TG Playground. She’s a hot little tgirl who looks a little uncertain of herself . . . but from what I hear Kirsty is one hardcore sissy slut under her shy exterior! Her website is full of amateur group sex action as she fucks guys, girls, crossdressers . . . pretty much anything legal she can get her hands on :) . Of course, Kirsty has some solo content too, like this free gallery.
    Like any good tgirl Kirsty loves nylons, and she sure wears them well. She looks great in these black pantyhose and pointed heels. And then there’s the big strapon she’s sporting. What could be better than a girl with *two* cocks?! Speaking of Kirsty’s two cocks, she’s looking a little uncomfortable stuffed inside her pantyhose under her strapon. And for good reason – Kirsty’s real cock is nearly as big as her plastic dong :) Check out this gallery to watch Kirsty release her swollen cock from her tight pantyhose . . . and then cram her fat dildo into her waiting ass. Poor girl, looks like her swollen tranny balls are just begging for release. Guess you’ll just have to sign up to Kirsty’s site to see her relieve them ;)
    For now, enjoy Kirsty’s free pics. I think you’ll find her slim body, sexy velvet gloves, and fuck-me heels well worth the tease. I just hope your balls don’t get as swollen as hers ;)

  • Shemale Santa Hannah

  • shemale santa Ho Ho H-oh my! This is no ordinary Santa. Can you believe that this sexy vixen is actually a shemale? I didn’t believe it until I got a peek inside her panties myself. Sure enough, there’s a little tranny cock tucked in that outfit! Meet Hannah Sweeden, possibly the most passabe shemale I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’ve seen a lot of shemales. Sure, the adorable santa outfit Hannah is wearing certainly helps – nothing says feminine like some well placed marabou – but Hannah actually looks like a woman completely naked too . . . as long as she tucks her tackle out of the way :) Plus she has boobs that would make an anime cartoon jealous. And really, who can complain about that? These aren’t just big fake balls of silicone (ok, well technically they have to be, but . . .), Hannah’s boobs are amazingly perfect, like someone drew them in place just the way they’re supposed to be.
    Hannah’s sample gallery is a bit of a tease, but trust me, her shemale website shows all the goods. Normally when it comes to transgender porn, I’m all about the outfits. But for this tranny I would most definitely make an exception. She looks amazing both in and out of clothing. Now in all fairness, Hannah does have a tiny little wee-wee. Especially in comparison to the well-endowed Katie Ann over at TheCrossdresser.com. But if you like your gurls to have little tranny dicks, or if you can at least look past it . . . the rest of Hannah’s body is well worth it. Take a peek, the gallery is free. Pretty soon I’m sure you’ll be begging for more Hannah Sweeden.

  • Crossdresser in Thigh Highs and Socks

  • vintage sissy stockings

    Katie Ann at TheCrossdresser.com sure loves her nylons :) I’d love to run my hands up those stocking covered legs, wouldn’t you? Katie has a great innocent look to her as she models her black nylon thigh highs and sucks on her popsicle. And it’s not very often you see a girl wear knee high socks over thigh highs or pantyhose, so this set is a real treat. Katie looks like a perfect vintage boarding school girl. But trust me, this crossdresser isn’t nearly as innocent as she looks! Under her uniform skirt and tight white panties she’s hiding a cock bigger than yours. And that popsicle she’s sucking on? It’s actually a frozen cumsicle. Wonder if she’s sucking on her own frozen jizz, or if she saved it up from the guys I know she brings home to suck off.
    Katie has her way with both guys and girls on her crossdressing website – these hot tgirl photos are just an example of what she has to offer. Get your free peak at Katie’s panties, and tell her I sent you ;)

  • Crossdresser Ass in Pantyhose

  • crossdresser booty in french lace pantyhose This is one of the few days you will catch me posting about a tranny – Delia CD has transformed into Delia TS. But no matter her gender, her sheer black pantyhose with french lace are damn sexy on Delia’s little ass :) For the most part I’m just into crossdressers, but I’ve followed Delia for awhile now, so I don’t mind supporting her as she goes through her transformation. She doesn’t seem as crazy as some other trannies I’ve me or something ;) So why not take a look at her website at DeliaTS.com :)

    Delia is a sweet tgirl with a stunning model’s body. She’s always working out, and it shows. I mean, just look at those legs and ass in her pantyhose! Of course, as a crossdresser (or at least formerly known as a crossdresser) Delia has more to offer than just her legs and ass. She is also has an impressive looking cock . . . her fat crossdresser dick looks great bulging against her tight pantyhose. See for yourself in her free nylon gallery!

    There are two other features of this gallery that I really just have to mention. First are Delia’s sexy fur slippers. Yup, looks like Delia slept in her black pantyhose and is just getting up. She managed to slip on her pink silk robe and fuzzy kitten heel slippers before we opened the door, but don’t worry, she takes it all back off. Except for the pantyhose that is . . .

    You won’t want to miss the very end of this set where Delia leaves a sticky wad of cum in her black pantyhose. I guess she got so excited stripping out of her silk robe for us that she just couldn’t contain herself. Cum on black stockings looks so nice, don’t you think?

  • Crossdresser at her First School Dance

  • crossdresser at school dance
    Remember how nervous you were at your first school dance? Well imagine what poor crossdresser Katie is going through! Watch her being shy standing in front of the camera in her short shimmery dress, sparkling pantyhose, and dress heels. Katie really hopes no one can tell that the soft caress of her nylons on her long crossdresser legs has gotten her all excited. Luckily her tight pantyhose and flowing dress are hiding her panty bulge at the moment . . . but it’s not long before the school photographer starts to get suspicious!

    If you thought Katie was nervous having her picture taken, you should see her reaction when the photographer pulls out a fat black dildo to show her! Katie tries to explain that she doesn’t have anywhere to fit such a big hard toy, but the photographer knows what Katie is hiding under her panties and has a dirty idea. He makes Katie the crossdresser stuff that toy in her tight virgin ass! With that toy filling her up and rubbing her p-spot, Katie just can’t handle it anymore and frees her own big hard toy from her now wet panties.

    Want to see what happens to Katie after the photographer pulls her pantyhose back up with the toy still inside her and sends her off to the dance? Find out, only at The Crossdresser .com!

  • Candi Tgirl Serving Wench

  • tgirl serving wench Check out the new girl, crossdresser Candi! This hot young blonde crossdresser looks so innocent with her pouty lips and timid eyes, but she knows what she wants – a big cock to show her what it’s like to be a real girl :) That’s right, Candi is no tease, she gets it on in real hardcore sex scenes and loves every inch of hard cock pounding her tight tgirl ass. This serving girl gallery is one of her softer sets, but I just think she looks adorable in her black pvc maid apron and white thigh highs with ruffle lace. And if you’re a fan of crossdressers in boots, Candi’s thigh high leather heels are sure to please!

    Seriously though, I can’t get over how young and innocent this crossdresser looks. It’s so rare to see a crossdresser who is confident enough to start doing porn at that age ;) If you want to see all of Candi’s exclusive hi-res photos and crossdressing videos, stop by her free gallery and then head on to her private site at CandiLoveDoll.com. You’ll be glad you took the time to check this one out!